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I received my Human Hair Blend in November 2017, I wanted to see how it would work for me before writing a review. I have had this beautiful Human Hair Blend Frontal Lace Front 1B for about 8 weeks now. I absolutely LOVE, Love it. The texture is wonderful, thick but not to thick or overkill or feels to heavy on my head. It blows naturally in the wind. the part goes to midway in my top part of my scalp about 2 inches very natural looking. I can part it on the either side of my head or the middle.Very minimal to no shedding. When you wash the hair, I have had no color come out in the sink. I towel blot firts like the instructions say to do and dry low with the hair dryer (hand held) come out any tangles with a wide tooth comb (if any) at the ends ( very minimal). I have straighten the hair, curled the hair, pulled in a pony tail, fooled many people. I even had a sales person in a mall store following me one day, I thought she was thinking I was going to steal something, turned out she was checking out my hair. She wanted to tell me my hair was so pretty. I had it straightened. lol. Again love this wig, feels, looks and acts like real human hair. Comes with combs already attached inside wig, as well as sewn in stocking cap and adjustable straps.bleached knots. Wonderful!! Can glue the wig on if you choose, but I am a lucky one that did not have do this, this time. yeah, the combs worked and the cap fit my head perfect! Plus the hair color was an exact match to my natural hair color. Can't say enough positives about this wig, I hope others will find a good wig like I found this time. I have worn wigs on and off for about 20 years, this is by far the best I have found.




J. R****


Jan 2 2018 12:48AM