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This girl is GORGEOUS! I have been in the entertainment and beauty business all of my life - As a model, actress, make-up artist and producer. I think I have worn every kind of weave, wig, and hair extension known to man - LOL! I am not easily impressed, so when I say this girl is gorgeous, I mean she is the BOMB on FLEEK!

The lace is Silk so it's soft to the touch, pliable, and disappears pretty easily when it adheres to the skin and adhesive. If you are someone that shaves your head you will appreciate the soft and silky feel of the lace, as well as the weight of the cap. Even though the lace is soft, it's still very strong.

Now for the hair itself - It's a human hair blend and it's soft, smooth and moves like a dream. The wig is actually quite heavy due to the density of the hair- so if you are someone that likes a very light sort of wig this girl might be a bit much for you.

She can take heat for real. I don't like to put a lot of product on my hair but the new B&B Foam Moisturizing Wrapping Lotion is Amazing especially after shampooing. You can use it on either wet hair or dry. Just shake the bottle, pump out a dollop of foam (don't need much), run it through your hair (yes I said your hair - you paid good money for it didn't you? LoL!!), and then flat iron, blow dry, curl with a curling iron or set it on hot rollers.

Your hair will have a natural healthy shine that will blow your mind, without being stiff, sticky or wiggy looking. Speaking of washing, I have gone swimming several times while wearing this girl. So you wanna know what adhesive I use right? I use Salon Pro 30 Sec Extreme Lace Adhesive. I swear by it.

Okay, back to the hair - You know how much you hate washing these girls because they just get weird afterward? Not this one. She can swim in a pool that contains enough chlorine to do a load of whites (lol) and then take a hard shampoo. Then just air dry or blow dry into gorgeousness.

My only complaint and it's not really a complaint, is that I wish came in more colors! So , yes I LOVE it! Yes, I will order it again. Yes, I absolutely recommend it! So that's it loves!






Jul 20 2015 3:07PM