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So the reason i give this hair a 4 is because the lacefront piece will not adhere for nothing. I've tried frontal glue, gorrilla snot, got2b gel. everything and the lace pops right back up. the closest to adhering was with the got2b gel. i would not recommend for that reason. but if you dont mind that then your fine. this is a quick weave/ nothing long lasting. ive had the install for three weeks and the hair is starting to mat and tangle with simple movement like driving lol. but not unbearable it starts doing this thing where it looks like i have 5 long locks instead of hair strands, but once you comb/brush it out it goes back to normal for a little while. i brushed my hair at about 630pm today (combBrushed) its 1248 and i cant run my fingers through this hair at all. and all i did was drive to a couple stores sat at my bestfriends house for two hours and came home but i don't look crazy either. so i guess if you have the right product this hair can last a while it just wont be perfect and wont be bad either. i just hate the fact that the lace will not take to any glue/gels. also delivery is crazy fast. I ordered on Thursday night late and got it Saturday. The website is minimal but I know what to expect because i ordered about 3 times already from the site. the first time i ordered i panicked because i couldn't see any tracking. i called and they were not very friendly but not very rude either lol.. kind of like whatever. anywho. u get what u pay for and just know your hair is coming lol.






Oct 17 2017 12:56AM