WigTypes.com Customer Review

Price : $43.75  $24.94
I wanted to love this wig but I was disappointed only because I have seen other people put it on they say out the bag and it was so pretty. The quality of hair is like nothing I have ever felt it looks and feels human it is scary. I had zero shedding. Cap size should fit everyone needed no glue. Here is why I did not like it I cant do hair can not curl can not cut so it was not out the bag pretty. I think you have to cut the longest side to create a more side bang look because it may "swoop" but it aint gonna stay like that (yes I know bad grammer). Also the only other way you can wear this is if you put the back up, and I found it more hair than I like itf you like big hair you will have no problem its not really big I like my units on the thinner side. If Zenn or Lydia used the hair from this unit I would be in love. I do love how they show the actual wig and not just rely on the company pic that is something I am so glad they do. But the styling options and the look was not working for me but if you can cut and curl you can work your magic but me Im a out the pack finger comb out the door type. I had read bad reviews and I was like nope not gonna order but while I don't want to lose my money I like to try for myself and I am picky they did everything they said shipped out quickly if I had judged by the reviews I would have really missed out because they are awesome. This is now my only site and I plan to get the word out because I was very happy. The only thing I wished was that they gave free samples or a wig cap but for the prices I am not worried its just a extra perk but its not going to keep me away.






Nov 19 2014 5:16PM