Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo 4.23oz
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Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo 4.23oz

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Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo.
Take your hair from flat to fab with Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo. Our waterless formula targets excess oil and grease at the roots. Batiste Cherry locks in subtle, fruity scents of wildberries, kiwi, and rose that never overpower. Just spray in, massage, style, and go.Batiste Dry Shampoo instantly makes your hair feel clean, fresh, with added body and texture. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go, use Batiste Dry Shampoo between washes to keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous without the effort. Let's face it, life gets crazy sometimes and skipping a wash (or two) is inevitable. With Batiste Dry Shampoo, you can be confident your hair looks great no matter what life throws your way.
The world’s #1 dry shampoo has a new look!
Enjoy a fruity fragrance with hints of wild berries, kiwi, and rose.
Use between washes to instantly refresh your hair, no water required.
This waterless formula absorbs dirt and grease to revitalize dull and lifeless hair—now with keratin!
World’s #1 Dry Shampoo.

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